Grooming Frequency

The frequency of grooming maintenance varies but all dogs require regular maintenance for general health and well being

In general, the more maintenance done by you, the less your groomer would need to do and charge. For most dogs, at least some work needs to be done by the pet parent. This is usually daily to weekly maintenance like brushing and combing the coat out. This can be done by your groomer if preferred, but most pet parents find this to be a nice bonding experience with their dog.

In addition to the weekly maintenance, most dogs require regular baths, thorough brush outs, as well as nail trimming. The most common option for your dog's grooming routine is a visit from your groomer. every 1 to 3 months. 

Coat Types


Double Coated Dogs

Westies, Sheltis, Golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, ...

Double coated dogs have a warm layer like a sweater and then an outer layer like a rain coat. The combination of hair types serves to keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer but it's effectiveness is determined by it's maintenance. 

Curly / wavy Coated Dogs

Poodles, bichons, doodles, ... 

Curly coated dogs get tangles and matts very easily and need frequent grooming to maintain their coat. The longer the coat, the more maintenance is required. 

Smooth coated dogs

Beagles, bulldogs, boxers,... 

Short and smooth coats are a great option for lower maintenance however they dry quickly and do not need as much brushing. They do however shed despite the short length and have been known to shed more than their double coated counterparts. Regular bath and brushing helps this dramatically. 

Wire haired dogs

Cairn terriers, Schnauzers, Irish wolfounds,...

Wirey coated dogs do not shed but need their coats regularly stripped in order to maintain healthy skin and a healthy coat

Long coats

Shih tzus, papillons maltese, yorkie,,...

Long coats have a greater risk of tangling and matting and therefore require more frequent maintenance

Hairless coats

Chinese crested, ... 

This coat type does not need brushing but does need regular gentle bathing, and nail maintenance