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One on one attention from start to finish

One of the biggest ways to help a dog's stress with grooming is one on one attention. Your groomer will always be the same and will develop a trusting relationship with your pup. 

The comfort of your home

Skipping the car ride is a huge bonus for pet parents for convenience but also a huge benefit to your dog. Getting groomed at home prevents the build up on anxiety on the way to the salon, provides a familiar place for dogs with separation anxiety, and it is also a great option for seniors that are not as mobile as their younger companions. 

All Grooms are premium level

The prices listed include premium natural shampoo and conditioner as well as nail grinding (if the dog allows) and toothbrushing. At most salons, this is an addtional $20 to 35 cost. 

accepting of dogs with behavioural challenges

Behvioural challenges are much easier to manage in a one on one situation (no kennels, other dogs, phone calls or other interruptions). This is simply not available at salons. 

In a house call setting, your groomer paces the appointment to your dog's needs and can make adjustments easily as the sole focus is your dog. 

limits exposure to other pets and communicable diseases

Most salons maintain high cleanliness levels however having a house call groomer drastically limits potential of exposure to other pets as all equipment is cleaned and sanitised after each visit. 

No kennels or other dogs

There are no kennels to wait in while other dogs are attended to, no other dogs anxiety levels to feed off of, and nothing else to take your groomers attention away from ensuring a positive experience for your dog. 


Many products available contain harmful substances that should not be used on dogs. For example: 

  • artificial colouring and fragrances that can irritate your dog's sensitive skin and cause issues over time.  
  • formaldehyde which is a carcinogen
  • isopropyl alcohol which can have a drying effect. 
  • sulfates and parabens are unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals 

Further, most dogs should be bathed in a shampoo and conditioner tailored to their skin and coat. For example, if your dog has a skin condition like hot spots, you may need a medicinal shampoo. For dry skin you may require a gentle, moisturising shampoo with less frequent bathing. And then for allergies or itchy skin, you may need a hypoallergenic and deeply moisturising shampoo. The shampoo and conditioning step of the groom is too important to assume a one size fits all. That's why each Love at First Bark doggy client gets a premium shampoo and conditioner tailored to their skin type 

Discover the Power of Natural Products!

Shampoos and Conditioners used by Love at First Bark are made with organic coconut oil and organic olive oil. They gently cleanse while preserving your pet's natural oils. No need to use harsh medicated or chemical treatments. Nature works better. 

In addition, other benefits include:

  • all products used are vet tested, cruelty free, and produced facilities with employees paid a living wage
  • organic products protect our earth as well as our pets
  • all products are free of GMOs, chemical pesticides, and harmful farming practices meaning fewer chemicals on your pet, in our air, in the ground, and in the water.